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on the East Coast and spending a few years bouncing around, Jacob moved back to his native Oregon, settling in Portland.

Sam Yagan has been named CEO of the members-only online shopping and shipping service. Shop Runner also has an arrangement with American Express whereby some cardholders get a free membership.And the ultimate question: What does the ability to connect with streams of ostensibly eligible people at any given moment do to our ideas of courting, commitment, monogamy and even marriage? The Washington Post.' data-credit="Matt Hudson" data-image=" Post/2013/02/11/Technology/Images/Marry Me.jpg?Slater considers all these issues in an intelligent, edgy, thought-provoking way. env=A" data-max-width="640" data-ratio="0.695" data-title="Flirting" data-uuid="573775a6-746b-11e2-aa12-e6cf1d31106b"Moonit: Good morning, Starshine.Take for example, Ashley, a site that specializes in promoting dating options for married people (tagline: “Life is short. How much do you want to know about, Date (for redheads and their fans) or Farmers daters are bound to be intrigued by the back-stories of these techno-matchmakers, who may care more about monetizing customers than successfully hooking them up.

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